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A lot has changed in the last three decades, which even affected landscaping near me in a very positive way. More emphasis was given to the environment in the United Nations programs and down to the smallest local government units of developing countries. After the Brundtland Commission report to the United Nations in 1987, which emphasized the need for alternative sources of energy and reduced pollution globally, more conventions were held as a follow up to this report. More goals were set in achieving sustainable development, which considers the resources that should be made available to the future generation, even with the current use or enjoyment of those resources.


The Millennium Development Goals


In September of 2000, the United Nations held the Millennium Summit attended by 149 UN member states. In the summit, they adopted the United Nations Millennium Declaration and established the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) for the year 2015. Eight global development goals were supposed to have been achieved five years ago, each with specific targets and their implementation indicators. Since the United Nations prioritized these MDGs’ implementation, considerable progress has been recorded. Still, not much success was achieved with all the targets for 15 years.


The eight Millennium Development Goals focused on the elimination of hunger, poverty, and illiteracy; empowering women and gender equality; reduction of children’s death through the promotion of maternal health; fighting malaria, HIV/AIDS, and other diseases; development of a universal partnership for development; and the rise of environmental sustainability.


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Why Were the Targets not Achieved?


Several issues or criticisms of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were forwarded. Among these is a deficiency in the analysis and sufficient justification behind the objectives chosen. Some goals are not easily achievable in the nations which are targeted to benefit from them. The development or progress of each country differs, and it isn’t easy to measure these goals’ success for some.


It must be noted that developing nations are the implementers of these goals and their targets. The developed countries or highly-industrialized countries are the funds for implementing these goals through the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the African Development Bank (AfDB). Sadly, money that was supposed to fund development projects in pursuit of the MDGs, more than half of that “aid” went to debt relief, with the remaining amount spent to aid the military and disaster relief operations.

The Seventh Goal and the Role of Lawn Care Near Me




Ensuring environmental stability is the seventh Millennium Development Goal. Landscaping and lawn mowing services providers play a significant role in achieving this goal. They adopt environment–friendly practices in their clients’ service, like preventing erosion of the nutrient-rich topsoil by covering them with plants instead of placing concrete pavements. This allows water or rainfall to infiltrate the ground and replenish the stock in the water table.


Their innovative and highly-skilled landscaping groundskeeping workers, lawn care specialists, plant experts, and landscape architects use equipment and solutions which will not harm the land and the species which dwell on it. Their propagation of indigenous species and choice of plant varieties that thrive well and other types ensures biodiversity and respect to Mother Nature. Employing their services is your way of being a responsible steward of God’s creation.